Ithaca is Gorges

To intro a bit, I am not just living in limbo between graduating and finding some sort of career (though it may feel like that at sometimes), nor did I choose grad school as “the way out”–I had to choose between an engineering job offer and a graduate education.  I chose the latter…I will regret this as I see my old classmates earning their paychecks while I’m still investing in school, but in the long run I’ll be happy with the decision.  I wrote a past undergrad blog which was picked up by my Alma Mater and pasted on their website here.  But now I’m starting with a clean slate to record the newer stage of my life.

This all brings me to packing up my life in central Massachusetts and moving

6 hours

(5hours if you don’t include all the stops for Subway and Dunkins) to a

2 person apartment in Ithaca to study for

1 year in Structural Science within the Civil Engineering department @ Cornell University.

How I ended up here in Ithaca, I really don’t know.  I guess it was a conglomeration of a lot of things.  I was excited to be accepted by Cornell, and then my excitement rapidly decreased as I was accepted to 4 other grad schools.  Decisions become a very methodical process for me that can take some time and a large pro-con list.  I won’t go into detail on that, but the important thing is that I’m now here and living with Chenny –another WPI alum and future Chemical Engineering PhD…I’m not cool enough to be a PhD student 🙂  That, or the fact that I really can’t wait to get out into the work world and away from academia.

Throughout the next year I will be recording ramblings, situations, life as a blonde engineering student (yes, I have my moments) while keeping myself and any other readers entertained.