The “Filler” Post

Typically I pride myself on maintaining my posting-at-least-once-a-week quota, however I have failed due to parents visiting, the crazy week before spring break, and of course, currently BEING on spring break (at least for a long weekend).  So let’s fill in the gap shall we?:

Parentals Visit

Aside from both Chenny and I getting to cross off “Have someone’s parents take you to John Thomas Steakhouse” on the “161 Things to Do” list, we were able to visit a winery, play with my family’s new dog (finally named Rory), climb McGraw tower, and of course, have Sunday morning brunch at the Carriage House–

Brunch at the Carriage House

Pre-Spring Break Week

I seriously already can’t remember much of what happened last week.  Most likely due to the fact that I don’t want to recall staying up till 2am most nights and not seeing much legit sleep for the week.  The good news is, I finally got the code for the plate I mentioned in a previous post to actually work.  The bad news is, this was about 1 week after homework #1 was due.  Homework #2 was barely finished to the extent that I would have wanted it to be, and apparently homework #3 is the mother of all homeworks.  Looking forward to it…

What my HW was supposed to look like...

As for my grad school Structures project, the team presented our work so far at the Cornell Engineering Research Conference. I spent quite a few hours putting together this–

Engineering Research Conference Poster

and despite a figure mistake or 2, it wasn’t half bad for a poster-making first-timer.

Spring Break…”Long Weekend”

Once again, I journeyed the lovely 5.5 hr drive back to Massachusetts.  The minor details of 1) driving behind a truck loaded with guns and a “gut deer” bumper sticker 2) seeing the largest dead turkey EVER 3) enjoying my 6″ subway chicken bacon ranch & 4) blasting my “extreme roadtrip” ipod mix are examples of the things that make me enjoy the long yet scenic drive.

Only being here for a few days, I’ve somehow managed to pack in a lot of fun, and also a lot of work that I needed to catch up on.  Enjoyed my first 9 holes of the season with Keith and his sister Yvonne. Managed a 61 for the par 9 course, and both par 5 holes are really what ruined me.  Lessons for the future golf season? Work on my iron-swing.

Gorgeous Day for Golf

Had a job interview.  Good time to catch up and stay in contact; however, the economy is still my current demise.

Played with the dogs.  The big one is Remy, who the family frequently dog-sits.

Remy & Rory

And probably lost about a year or so of my life after seeing Hurt Locker in the movie theater.  I’m typically a pretty calm person when it comes to movies, but I’ve NEVER been so stressed out in a theater.  A small part of me is glad they served beer, perhaps this helped calm me down a little. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great movie, just a bit intense.  And for my good-night-dreaming sake, probably shouldn’t have come home afterward only to watch 4 hours of a National Geography special on 9/11 and the war on Afghanistan.

Home Stretch

Tomorrow it’s back to Ithaca and back to the grind.  It will be a tough April, but I keep thinking to myself “Graduation will be here before I know it!”


No Sleep for the Weary

The week’s been rough.  Probably the reason I’ve gone over a week and haven’t posted.  I decided to check off one of the “161 Things To Do” (which by the way, the page has been updated on this site) and take a class I think is impossible for fun.  This class is — Non Linear Finite Elements.  I have no idea why I decided to take it, our entire program was required to take Introduction to Finite Element Analysis last semester and I HATED it.  The class was awful.  So all in all, the only reason I can think of why I now represent the 10% of the class that is NOT a PhD student, and is a female, is because a small ounce of me thought it might be fun.  And now that I’m done with the first homework, I realize it is kinda fun, in a freaky nerdish way, but the process is always the difficult part….one part of the process shown below:

my plate blew up on me

This week has been a week of <=6hr sleep nights.  I pride myself on 8 hours, so less than that has been a bit rough.  I’m still trying to not jinx myself for never getting the flu shot (counting the minutes until my mother reads that and calls me to yell about my health).

Now that I’m done with that rant, in other more social news:

Olympics – also aiding to my lack of sleep. Loving that USA is dominating in Nordic Combined.  At least we’re good in one form of cross-country skiing.

Home last Wkend – for a potential job meeting, to cheer on Cornell vs Harvard hockey,  & of course to watch Keith win the Hampton Half Marathon.  A great day to go to the beach.

first trip of the season to the beach

last few meters

Ithaca Eatery Counter – last night Roommate and I braved the Ithaca Snowpocalypse to practice our Cornell Birthday tradition–going out to eat at the WPI Alumni Birthday boy/girls restaurant of choice every time the glorious event occurs (I’m still bitter that my birthday fall AFTER graduation once I leave…).  Anyways, Birthday Boy Rick chose Bandwagon–a trendy brew house.  The atmosphere actually reminded me a bit of Stellas basement bar room.  Rick being a huge beer buff chose the place because they brew their own beer right there…literally…it was sitting in copper pots fermenting right in front of us! I ordered the famous cornbread waffles and chili.  Yes, it sounded rather gross but was so good!

Parentals are visiting next month, so if Roommate and I are lucky, we’ll add a few more places to the list!

Now onto a hopefully successful weekend – successful meaning: being able to find the last shovel being sold in Ithaca so I can get find my car in the snow outside.