Kiwi Dictionary

One would automatically assume that since the Down Under culture speaks English that a day-to-day conversation is easy. Not always so. Here is my ever expanding collection of Kiwi word’s and phrases that differ from the States:

Technical items:

  • A-lu-min-i-um = Aluminum (yes there’s an extra ‘i’)
  • in-situ concrete = cast in place concrete
  • Prop = shore
  • storey = story (just one example of the extra ‘e’ added everywhere)

General Slang/Vocabulary:

  • Sweet as = Cool
  • Good as gold = Approval of quality (however, we were told my our Kiwi administrator that only the “old folks” say this)
  • Munted = destroyed property OR inebriated. i.e. – “the buildings in Christchurch are munted” (heard often)
  • JAFA (jaf-ah) = a southern islander’s word for “person from Auckland”, it is rather a nasty acronym.
  • Biscuit = cookie
  • Cheers = goodbye
  • Good on ya = well done
  • Torch = flashlight
  • Car park = parking lot
  • Tramping = hiking
  • Lift = Elevator

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