About Me

Hey, I’m Jen–


a 20-something professional engineer that’s figuring out life one gap at a time. 1) that sounded wicked cheesy, 2) yeah, I know what you’re thinking, it also sounds super nerdy–“professional engineer.”  However, surviving at a tech school (WPI) for four years around 75% testosterone and having a blast, I’ve learned that the stereotype is not nearly as true as most people think.  Oh yes, it’s definitely true in some cases–every Monday night I’d pass by the quad to watch the foam sword LARPers on the quad (like a scene straight out of Role Models)–but that’s what’s so great about engineering, it caters to all walks of life no matter how random.

I blogged throughout the past couple years at my Alma Mater here and started this to make a similar record throughout my experience as a grad student at Cornell for a year.  New place, new faces…interesting things were bound and definitely did happen.

Now that I’ve graduated with two degrees, worked for a few years, earned myself a license, I’ve learned that life never stops surprising you, no matter how punctual (*looking at myself*) you may be.  Therefore, that’s the new and revised purpose of this blog–sharing my stories of constant 20-something struggles and triumphs, who happens to have a knack for solving problems. Additionally, I survived planning a wedding to a pretty nice guy, you’ll find a few posts about that hidden in here. And, much to some of my friends’ surprise, jetted 10,000 miles away from said guy 6 months after we were married to work in New Zealand. Through the powers of Skype, mobile phones, the internet, and not having a dog or children to worry about this is really an easier task than one might think. And as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder (I think I’ve just brought the “about me” section to another level of cheesiness…). Luckily, my husband caught the travel bug, because 2 years later, I’m back in New Zealand with him by my side. Creating the majority of my current posts, the “Flanders in New Zealand” (or “FiNZ”) series.

Other than designing buildings and bridges and making sure they stay put. I love to nordic ski (that’s when you actually have to ski up the hills), loved designing my & now-husbands wedding on 10/2/11, talking about my alma mater, hiking trips, traveling, collecting books that I have no hope of reading, the colors blue & pink, and my personal quirky favorite–eating pita chips with hummus.

Now here’s to a new “gap” and a new experience.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Edward Coyle says:

    Been reintroduced to your blog, Jen. Loved the Slope Day link. We had something like that at UMass back in the 60’s, where I did my Grad work. Those rights of spring celebrations make surviving the darkness of winter an almost bearable experience.

    I also like your writing style and content, especially the revelations. Isn’t that what a good blog is supposed to be about, though? (Sort of Howard Stern-ish, if you will.) Game faces really are such a bore.

    All the best… and safe trip back to the Bay State. (My son is an IU grad, so I’m very familiar with the ride, especially Rt. 206. Wave to the folks in Greene on the way through for me next time.)

  2. Bonnie Lepage says:

    Jen, really enjoying your blog! So envious of you to be in New Zealand although I’m sure it is difficult being so far away from Keith! What an experience!

    • himma2 says:

      Thanks Bonnie! It’s definitely a bit hard, but if I was going to be far away, New Zealand’s a pretty nice place to be 🙂

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