FiNZ 32&33 – Turkey Burnoff

Ok guys, I’m failing at blogging the month of December. I NEVER do this! You know I’m pretty organized at getting these out weekly. So here is the quickest post ever on what we were up to during Thanksgiving and afterwards. We had a pretty sweet weekend last week in Queenstown so I’ll do another post about that…tomorrow? yikes! the end of the year has crept up so fast. Tomorrow Keith and I have to do some major packing and planning for our Christmas travels.

On Friday in New Zealand (U.S. Thanksgiving day) we celebrated Thanksgiving at my coworkers flat. It was a really great collection of most of our office, spouses, and some other expat friends. Everyone signed up to bring something and we made a pretty amazing meal.


Table set for Thanksgiving


New Flanders Thanksgiving Tradition – Meat Pies




The Gang

On Saturday a group of us went to Adrenaline Forest to burn off Friday’s gigantic meal. Adrenaline Forest is a local establishment full of zipline courses and ropes course challenges. You get a harness, are taught how to use it, and just go! You can keep moving up levels until you can’t handle the height anymore or you use up your allotted 3 hours.


Learning the ropes (pun intended)




Keith walking the line


The extent of the height Adrenaline Forest handles

The following weekend was the South Island Food & Wine Festival! This was in Hagley Park – aka, our backyard. So it was a lot of fun to check it out and enjoy the pseudo warm day. I got to sit through a reisling and a pinot noir seminar and learned a bunch about both types of famous New Zealand wine.


Pinot Noir Seminar

On Sunday we went to the airport to pick up ANDREW–our first visiting friend to NZ! Keith’s friend from high school has been traveling the world (literally) since June and thought he’d take the opportunity to spend some time with us and travel through New Zealand. We all had a lot of fun adventures over the next week. I will attempt to get to that post soon!

Cheers to all. How is the Christmas shopping coming? I must say it was super nice to just order all our gifts online this year and ship them out to our family. Although we may have waited a little too long…because none of you will receive your packages until mid-January 😦 apologies.


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