FiNZ 26, 27, 28 – Jetsetting

We had a great time back the States. 10 days was slightly too short, but visiting “home” always seems too short. Flying back this time around was a complete 180 from this time. With Keith by my side it was just us going back to our new “home” in New Zealand together. Have I mentioned enough how awesome it is that we’re BOTH here?!

So I’ve been putting off blogging for the past couple weeks since arriving back. I’m going to catch up on the previous week. Last weekend we went to wine country which deserves its own post. So previous to that…What have we been up to?…


A couple of weeks ago, actually in the airport on our way back to New Zealand, Keith signed up for his first New Zealand race, and also first trail race — The Bell Hill Challenge. This consisted of 18km of running up and down a giant hill through farmland and forest. Keith had a blast despite the challenge, and came in 2nd place! I was a super pumped runner wife.


That’s Keith in the foreground! (white sleeveless)


Last minute Halloween party at Keith’s coworker’s flat. Lucky for us, the local dollar store outfitted us in pirate gear. The most expensive part of our costumes combined? Captain Morgan Rum. New Zealand is slowly accepting the Halloween thing. Kids don’t really dress up and go door to door, but everyone always seems to enjoy dressing up for the day. Thankfully, this meant that all costume paraphernalia was WAY cheaper than the US.


Argh! (p.s. – I loved the host’s way of doing the guac!)


The following Sunday we spent walking around the Christchurch botanical gardens. I always think I’ve already seen everything in the gardens, and EVERY TIME I visit, I’m surprised with some other secret garden embedded within Hagley Park.



The next day…it HAILED! Walking along the sidewalk, everything was covered…with HAIL! Goodbye Spring?



Somehow I convinced over 80% of the office to sign up for the local corporate 5k. There was still hail-ice covering the park the morning of. Because we’re so lucky, it poured for the entire race. Nevertheless it seemed like everyone had a blast, and we went out for burgers and caught a double rainbow after the race.




This past weekend we drove up to the Marlborough region for wine. That deserves its own post so I’ll be back on here in the next couple days with that. Then we’re off to Fiordland for the weekend–busy busy!

Until then…



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