FiNZ 25 – I’m Coming Home (temporarily)


Its been a busy week (is this excuse getting old?). We literally fly out in a few hours so I took a very quick packing/studying break to get this up before our 10 day hiatus in America. Keith & I already had our safety check discussion that we are not touching ANYTHING in the airport. I’ve got my antibacterial wipes on standby. #ebolaproblems

What happened last week? The Blood Moon! New Zealand was apparently the best location in the world to see the eclipse last week. We headed to the hills in the evening…unfortunately with everyone else in Christchurch. It was like a drive-in movie disaster. Car lights everywhere. We lasted about an hour before we decided to drive back down to our flat and watch from the porch with hot cocoa in hand. Here’s my series of photos from the night:


Port Hills Full Moon


The point in the hills where we decided to leave…


P1050707 P1050710 P1050727

I won’t be blogging next week as we’ll be back in the States but I will be back once we return. We have some fun things planned before Christmas — Routeburn Track, some running races, wine tasting, swimming with dolphins, climbing to Mueller hut (channeling Sir Edmond Hillary) , and then the most epic Christmas vacation ever! Looking forward to it all!

Cheers, Jen

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