FiNZ 22 – Lambing Season

I thought DC was the only city weird about cherry blossoms, but as I ran around Hagley Park Sunday afternoon I realized just as many people on this side of the hemisphere get excited about spring. The cameras and baby-lifting in front of the blossoms were out in full force. It’s really the best time of year in Christchurch, plus…LAMBING SEASON has begun!


Christchurch Blooms

All week our “trusty” weather website told us the weekend was going to be cold & rainy. Lucky for us, the website, although pretty awesome, is most of the time inaccurate until the morning of #IslandProblems . We didn’t plan anything too far ahead of time due to the predicted weather. When we found out it should actually be nice we decided to get together with one of Keith’s coworker, his trusty dog Leo, and hike the Coastal Track from Taylors Mistake to Godley Head. I honestly can’t believe I’ve never done this walk. It’s 30 minutes down the road and gorgeous.


Taylors Mistake Tramp

Once we strolled along the beautiful coast we got to Godley Head where all the World War 2 gun posts were left. The encampment was built in 1939 and was in full force during the war and housed up to 400 people! It must be a common school lesson (that I definitely don’t remember learning much about) that America saved New Zealand in the war. I’ve definitely been thanked more than once by a Kiwi regarding WWII.

Luckily Christchurch never saw an attack, but they were definitely on watch.


In the Lookout

We continued our exploration throughout Godley Head. There were so many interesting shelters and lookouts to explore.


Generator House


More Watching

Once we headed back down to Taylors Mistake I finally took notice of….the LAMBS! We had a few situations where Leo (the dog) decided to start herding the sheep. Luckily no animals or humans were hurt in the process.


Lamb Alert!

This all culminated in the…

Flanders Hiking Photo of the week

I thought for a quick second about joking we got a dog, but it was much easier for Keith’s coworker to take our photo if we held the dog (or rather prevented it from more sheep herding). It makes for a good family photo though right?


This weekend we have a whirlwind west coast day trip, that is, if it isn’t down-pouring rain. The west coast can be difficult as it gets hit with all the rain. We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll leave you with my Sunday coffee photo of the week from none other than my favorite local cafe — Cafe Sismo.


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