FiNZ 20 – Influenza

I felt a little funny on Tuesday night. My boss had gone home pretty sick on Monday and another coworker was sick before him. On Wednesday I was told that I should cancel any weekend plans I had because I probably caught my peers’ illness. And then I got the flu. So to kick off my most unexciting week in New Zealand I spent the next 5 days inside, watching a lot of YouTube, reading a lot of BuzzFeed, and making up a few work hours when my brain was functioning. Being such a small office (and all using the same phone, not to mention, bathroom…) almost everyone was sick over the past week. Not a fun week.

Keith had a much more eventful week, so I dedicate this post to him. He left for a business trip Tuesday – Wednesday with one of his coworkers. He got back quite late Wednesday, and by this time I was starting to feel awful. It didn’t help that when Keith got in the door he goes “you’re going to kill me.” Uh oh, why? He takes out his phone and begins to show me what he did Wednesday on his business trip–their client took them on a helicopter glacier tour! It was incredible! I was sickly and jealous all at the same time.If you saw my post back in the day here, I also once hiked all over a glacier; however, the helicopter tours take you much farther up and give you the experience to hike where the glaciers get a little more interesting (more crevasses, holes, peaks of ice etc).

I picked a few of his photos to share his experience with you–








Incredible right?! I guess I can’t be too jealous because I’m hoping on a plane with some girlfriends this Friday to hang out in Melbourne for the weekend. More on that next week!

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