FiNZ 19 – Spring has Sprung

How was everyone’s labor day? We enjoyed our first day of SPRING in New Zealand this past September 1st. Again, friends/family welcome to escape the fall and winter in the southern hemisphere with us! You just have to get over the hump of that ridiculous plane ticket…

It’s not really warm yet, just the same old mild 40s/50s cold and grey temperature its been all winter. I guess the weather is similar to New England spring. We’ll see if it gets warmer and sunnier as we get towards November/December.

This week hasn’t been too eventful, other than the taco truck that showed up to work on Wednesday 😉


To send off one of our colleagues back to the States in style, Christchurch’s newest Taco Truck — Las Flores (straight from Mexico City) — agreed to park itself in front of our office for happy hour.

Saturday night our lovely neighbors invited us over for some nibbles, tipple, and pudding. We immediately had to google “tipple” to make sure that meant alcohol, found out that pudding just means dessert in general, and then spent the rest of the night deciphering what the party of UKers were talking about. After dinner and “pudding” we played Articulate!–apparently one of UK’s most popular games. It was sort of like Catch Phrase with a British theme. The team Keith and I were on actually won, despite us both screwing up every time we got a British news celebrity. For what we lacked in UK knowledge we were superb with American vacation knowledge (like “Orlando” and “Daytona Beach”)

That’s it for this post. I’ll conclude with my first-time homemade red velvet cupcakes I brought over for the “pudding.” One again, Joy the Baker delivered with her red velvet cupcake and cream cheese and cinnamon frosting recipe. That can be found here. I ended up with too much frosting, so rather than throw it away…I made a little chocolate cake with the chocolate cake part of this recipe – here.


This upcoming weekend is another free one but I’m scheming some day hike ideas. Hopefully the weather holds up! Cheers.

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