Flanders in NZ 17 – Walk like John Wayne

We got our first shake this weekend since moving! Well, I can’t talk because I was taking out the trash and felt nothing, but Keith was pretty excited to feel some movement sitting on the couch. I introduced him to GeoNet which we spent the next hour filling out a “felt it?” report and checking in to see how many other people around the area and the country “felt it.” It was a whopping 3.7magnitude 5km away from central Chch – GeoNet Report.

In other weekend news…Friday night was ladies night. Quite a few of us went to see one of the NZ International Film Festival movies — Dior & I. If you like fashion, watching shows like Project Runway, art in general, or overall documentaries, I’d highly recommend. It was a great film that went behind being a newbie in a very big roll and having to roll out a product that defines you in 8 weeks.

On Saturday Keith & I headed out to try horseback riding again. This time the weather was in our favor and the trek was a GO! I’d highly recommend Rubicon Valley if you’re interested in a horse trek in the south island. We signed up for the 3-hr river & valley trail ride which was perfect (although we were quite sore for a few days, it was still worth it). When the guide originally set up my stirrups he mentioned we’d be walking like John Wayne afterwards…and then was thrilled that I knew who John Wayne was; “You’d be surprised how many people don’t!” The trek only takes 6 people at a time, has 2 guides, and allows some deviation from the typical American horse trek of walking in a long single file line.



When I first got on the horse I was surprised to get a full lesson of how to actually ride a horse; the horse treks I’ve done in the past all involved everyone’s horse being on “autopilot.” Once we got to wide enough areas we were welcome to deviate from the single-file line and even try trotting if we felt comfortable.

Keith was lucky enough to get Big Red, I was matched with Sampson–both beautiful retired race horses. We were told not to get too close to each other side by side because the horses would start racing–once a race horse, always a race horse!


Flanders Horse Trekking Photo of the Week


Keith & Big Red


Jen & Sampson


Flanders Hiking Photo of the Week



On the drive back we passed through Sheffield — home of the award-winning Sheffield Pie Shop. With Keith’s new-found love of meat pies we had to stop. After standing in quite the long line for a tiny little town, we each got a pie and enjoyed the view.


Sheffield – home of the award-winning pie shop

This week it’s been back to work and continuing to avoid the sickness spread around the city. My coworkers have been dropping like flies lately with the flu and Keith had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully everyone is in good shape for our journey to Wellington with 9!! other colleagues this weekend!


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