Flanders in NZ 15 – Orange is the New Black

Continuing with last week’s theme–I’ve been on a demolition site for a couple of weeks, at this point orange really is my new black. Paired with my favorite coach sunglasses when I have to stand in the sun for too long I might as well start writing a construction site style book. Maybe the few of us females that work in the construction industry will read it. If I was enjoying the top-of-the-pedestal view right now I’d write a bit about how I felt when there was only 1 option for female boots when I went to buy a new pair last month, or how I daily consider tailoring my hi-vis vest so it doesn’t get caught on anything. I’ll save that for later…


Site Style Selfie

Last week the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra came to town. A colleague and I had been talking about plays and Shakespeare when we saw a flyer for the NZSO’s upcoming program – “Shakespeare in Music” Even better, they were performing in the local Air Force Museum! I thought there would be an actual concert venue there, but we walked into a hanger full of planes and the orchestra was set up right in the middle of it all — it was an incredible venue!


NZSO at the Air Force Museum

Saturday was a beautiful day. incredibly warm for a day in the middle of August in the southern hemisphere. So obviously Keith & I headed to the beach. Well Keith went on a 10 mile run, I ran a measly 3 and then took some photos of the Sumner area to compare to 2 years ago. It’s pretty much the same–the containers are still along the cliff, and the houses are still up there at the edge, too dangerous to even demolish. A recent news story discussed helicopters soon being used to take debris off the cliffs.


Sumner Beach Containers

Saturday night we cooked up some BBQ chicken and had our neighbors over before heading out to some new Chch bars for the night. There’s been a cat hanging around our duplex so the neighbors brought it over with them and I sort of fell in love (this is big coming from a dog person). It disappears at night so I presume it has an owner or sleeping spot somewhere…but hangs out on our porches during the day and follows us where we go. Is it bad that I keep my fingers crossed that it will keep showing up? It is quite the adorable feline.


Cat Friend

As impossible as I thought it was, Sunday was a complete 180 — freezing and rainy. So we headed to She Chocolate with a colleague and friend and enjoyed some hot mochas (chocolate spoons always included!) and words of wisdom.


She Chocolat

Hope this made for a good Week 15 gap filler! Looking forward to putting together next week’s post all about Sydney and the Gold Coast (and my dream of holding a koala!)

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