Flanders in NZ 13 – Seals…again

This morning I was climbing up and down a bakers rack marking concrete columns and girders. When one of the construction workers came over I asked if he could help move the rack to the other side. Once he and another young guy  moved the rack I went over and asked their names and shook their hands. Coincidentally they were both named Ned. Young Ned looked at me proud and said “well I’m Ned Simpson.” I told him my last name was Flanders and he was pretty excited to hear that, gave me a high five, and asked if we could switch names. As classic as the Simpsons are to America, I’m fairly sure the Kiwis love them more! I get far more comments about my name here than in America.

I was a bit worried about my post this week. Thought it would turn out being a lot of photos like this…


The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us

Saturday I worked a bit in the morning and the rest of the day we had a stint of cabin fever. We were pretty relieved when a colleague mentioned a trip to Kaikoura to visit the baby seals on Sunday! You may remember I got to see the seals per this post, but it was great to make a day out of it and bring Keith to see them.


Ohau Stream Seals – best of

There were still heaps of seals playing in the stream–peak season is throughout the winter. It is one of the most entertaining activities to watch a bunch of baby seals swim and climb over rocks.


Seal Climb



Jen + Seals

Keith got into the river (well on a few rocks) to take a photo with the seals, and they all decided to pose perfectly 🙂


Keith + Seals

After walking up Ohau Stream, we grabbed fish and chips and some seafood chowder at a local diner (“Why Not”) and then headed to the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway. The tide hadn’t receded much yet, but we were able to round the corner of the low route and find heaps more baby seals!


Seals w/ a View

This was my favorite seal photo of the lot, we found one baby seal who had crawled up the path a bit and was enjoying the view a little more than its low-lying friends–


Seal w/ a Better View

Flanders Hiking Photo of the Week:


Peninsula Walkway, Kaikoura

All the adult seals found their way into the parking lot to nap…


Staying 10 meters away from the parking lot seals…



Take over of the parking lot seals

Overall a great way to cure a bit of cabin fever.


Along the Peninsula Walkway

Less the 3 weeks until we hop the ditch and experience Aussie (and some warmer weather!) for a little long weekend!


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