Flanders in NZ 10 – Take Me Home, Country Roads

Coming to New Zealand from Maryland, it continually amazes me that I hear “Take me home….WEST VIRGINIA!” belted out at every live-music bar far more here, than 10,000 miles back home, next to West Virginia. Music in general across the globe tends to bring everyone together. New Zealand cover band favorites tend to also include Wagon Wheel (I wonder if anyone here knows where Roanoke is…), I’m Gonna Be (500 miles), anything 90s (Third Eye Blind anyone?), and more recently songs like Lumineers “Hey, Ho” or Passengers “Let Her Go.” If you end up in Queenstown at Cowboys they have a great playlist with coinciding music videos. If only you could have heard the screams of joy that occurred when the Grease soundtrack came on. Keith and I went out with his Kiwi coworkers Friday night to a local Irish bar (of all places) and I heard Take Me Home for the 20+ time since landing so had to finally comment on this music obsession.

This weekend I was originally planning to drag Keith out to Arthur’s Pass to do one of the many hikes out around the Southern Alps. When I checked the weather for the weekend the welcome center (at the base of all the trails) was predicted to have a high of 0C. That didn’t sound much fun to either of us…so we went out to local Port Hills instead where it was a pleasing high of 15C–


Keith + Sheep



Governor’s Bay



Protecting the Country



In front of Taylors Mistake

I’ve already explored more of the Port Hills in a few weekends than I did all of my last time here. The trail system is extensive! We drove through Sumner and up to the Summit Rd parking lot. We took the Crater Rim walkway trail down to Godley Head where there was an old fort used in WW2. We walked back along the road to catch the view of Taylor’s Mistake (still don’t know who Taylor is or what his mistake was…). Overall it was 10km of walking and we were honestly quite tired at the end!


Port Hills Trails

One of my colleagues planned a birthday dinner evening for me on Saturday night so 7 of us headed to King of Snake for a 9pm booking (yes, some restaurants are that popular in Christchurch!) This was my first time there and I loved it! The restaurant specializes in what I would call “family-style-asain-fusion.” Because of my recent birthday I got free dessert with a candle and a whole bunch of engineers singing again 🙂


Birthday Dinner

Sunday night Keith decided to perfect his meat pie skills even more with some steak & cheese pies. I think by the end of our stay he will have it down pat!

photo 1

Steak & Cheese Meat Pies

This upcoming week we’re gearing up for our 4th of July office party (no NZ holiday so we’re making our own celebratory lunch with a winter BBQ!), some wine touring this weekend, and getting ready for our upcoming Abel Tasman adventure. Last night Keith & I also planned out our August short vaca to Australia! I seriously can’t wait to show him around Sydney and then both experience Brisbane for the first time together.

Till next week, cheers.




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