Flanders in NZ 7 – Hen & Stag

Rain rain go away. It’s been a week full of cloudy skies and drizzle which just means winter is here in the Southern Hemisphere.

The past week was full of a lot of work and even a day full of overtime on Saturday, but I did manage to get out during lunch one day and splurge on this alpaca throw blanket from Knitworks (read about the last time I was there here). Last time I splurged on a sheep skin rug which has been a big hit in Keith & my former Stateside apartment. Ever since then I’ve always kept the alpaca blanket in the back on my mind…

“If only I bought that alpaca blanket when I had the chance…”

My theory is that if you think about a purchase long enough you really should just get it. So therefore, with 2 years passed, it was time to add to my collection of New Zealand knitworks–


Perfect addition to the Flanders Flat

On to our main weekend event! Saturday nigh we through a hen and stag party for our engaged colleagues. They are unfortunately leaving this Friday to fortunately go get married! The ladies, per usual, had everything planned out far in advance whereas the guys managed to pull together a great night last-minute. Ladies night kicked off enjoying teppanyaki at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants — Ace Wasabi. Here we gave the bride a guessing game where she answered questions about herself to try to match them with the grooms’ answers. Then we started a scavenger hunt that basically lasted the entire night. Dancing occurred at Christchurch’s latest club Mashina (seriously SO many exciting places have opened since I was last here), and then we eventually merged with the guys at the Christchurch Casino. A fun ladies night out for sure!


Lovely Ladies

Any weekend hike plans were rained out. Instead, I will leave you with Keith’s  sunrise photo of the week from Takapuna, Auckland. Last week Keith got the opportunity to travel up to Auckland with his boss in Christchurch to meet with his Auckland colleagues and go to a training. He had a great time and drank a whole lot of coffee. Coffee is truly a cultural phenominon in Australasia!


Takapuna Sunrise

Now we are off to pack for our big trip to Dunedin this weekend! Go ALL BLACKS!!!


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