Flanders in NZ 6 – Queenstown for the Queen

The Queens actual birthday is in April, but we celebrate it in June. Probably a good thing since there are already so many holidays in April–ANZAC day, 2 days for Easter… Anyways, we decided to fully utilize the 3-day weekend, wake up at 5am along with 6 coworkers on Saturday morning, hop in 2 cars, and make the 6-hr scenic drive to sunny Queenstown until Monday. Although the drive is long the views are beautiful. We did our typical pit stop at Lake Tekapo to stretch our legs, get coffee, and I even got to talk with my brother on the phone for a bit!


Church of the Good Shepherd – Lake Tekapo

When we got to Queenstown (QT), the Blackhawks were playing the LA Kings in the 6th game of the NHL playoffs. With a Chicagoan and a Southern Californian we needed to find the closest bar stat. Lucky for us this led to a great photo opportunity of our weekend crew–


QT Crew – “Good People Drink Good Beer”

I have yet to have a bad bach (what the Kiwis call rental homes/cabins in New Zealand) and this one did not disapoint. All of us have far too many photos from our townhouse balcony. So I leave you all with my view of breakfast Sunday morning–


Coffee with a quiet a view!

On Sunday we split up to do a couple of adventures. 5 of us, including myself, went on a bike tour around the bike trails of QT. The other 3 did a horse trek up in Glenorchy. I will have to come back and do the horse trek too because it sounded amazing!

Our bike ride was a lot of fun, yet FAR dirtier than I imagined. It ended with a wine tasting and we may have dragged some mud into the tasting room when we arrived. Overall we biked about 20 km and ended at the famous NZ bungee jump.


Biking Before & After – still happy 🙂



Keith & I – cheerful bikers

Check out if you can spot the bungee jumper in the photo below! yikes! 🙂


Bridges & Bungee!

That night Keith and I journeyed out to get some more breakfast supplies for Monday morning and noticed the view from the QT boardwalk. With ski season not in full swing yet, QT still felt a bit quaint and quiet. It was beautiful standing out over the lake watching the mountains change colors. (notice my hat and wool coat — brrr!!!)


Night falls on the QT boardwalk

On Monday morning, Keith and I got up a bit early and decided to climb Queenstown Hill walkway before cleaning up the bach and leaving QT for the weekend. It was fairly cold and a bit icy, but a great walk with a beautiful view. Note that you also get higher than the Queenstown gondola platform…and for free at that! At one of the viewing points is a basket sculpture, I like to take note of little sayings and meanings, so here is the basket’s:

The basket of dreams spiral of steel is supposed to follow you inward to reflect, to draw inspiration from the mountains, lake, and those who are with you. The spiral follows you outward to dream for the future. “Time flies, eternity awaits”


Queenstown Hill Walkway

We took a couple photos with the Remarkables range behind us (yes, they are called the Remarkables…and they are Remarkable, who would have thunk!?)


Photo with a view

This week I was thinking…last time I was here I spent a lot of time sitting alone in cafes, drinking beautiful coffees, and blogging my coffee photos of the week. This time, I have a permanent friend by my side, and we’ve created a bit of a schedule of having a weekly hike–whether that’s around Christchurch or around New Zealand. Therefore I bring you…

The Flanders “Hiking Photo of the Week”–


Hike Photo of the Week

I am not looking forward to picking out our Christmas Card photo after 6 more months of these…


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