Flanders in NZ 5 – Savoury Pies…

It’s getting rather chilly in Christchurch–I had my car heat blasting for 5 minutes to get my windshield defrosted Wednesday morning, debating the whole time whether it was time to break down and buy an ice scraper. I admit, I was quite jealous of all the beach and BBQ photos popping up on my Facebook feed this past weekend! Luckily, this weekend is our 3-day weekend with the Queens Birthday on Monday. Keith and I, along with 6 colleagues are headed to Queenstown then to enjoy the cold there 😉

This past Saturday Keith planed a horseback riding adventure in Rubicon Valley — http://www.rubiconvalley.co.nz/horsetrek.htm We drove the hour to the start of the alps only to start getting pummeled with rain! The rainstorm literally stopped right over the horse trekking centre (yes, I’m getting used to English spelling). Our horse adventure was cancelled but the owner let us get a few photo opps before we left…

horse collage


P1030609 - Copy

We saw many beautiful rainbows upon departure!

Disappointed with no longer having an activity for the day, Keith, my coworker, & I decided to create an impromptu wine tour. Because it was, then, 9:30am, we may have had to wait awkwardly outside at least one cellar door for them to open… We managed to visit Melton Estate (best winery + restaraunt), Trisillian (one of my favs!), Straight 8 Estate (randomly found inbetween wineries, glad we did!), and Lone Goat (winner of best logo and web page) before getting back to Christchurch for another flat-warming party.

Keith decided to try his hand at baking for this party. I think one of his favorite things about New Zealand thus far is the savoury pies (aka “meat pies”) he gets during tea time. We just don’t do this in America–probably because we’re already unhealthy enough 😉 So while I did absolutely nothing, Keith whisked up some homemade pastry, meat filling, and baked a whole lot of amazing homemade meat pies. Flat party attendees included a few UKers and Kiwis who both commended the meat pies…we consider this a win on compliments. Keith’s new job when he is not doing fire protection engineering? — meat pie baking extraordinaire! This is the recipe he started with and made some Flanders variations to. (somehow my weekly blog updates have also become “recipe of the week” posts–what happens when I have a kitchen in New Zealand)


Flanders Meat Pie Special


We’ve been doing a great job of finding some gorgeous sunday running routes for the past month…

*Token break for one of my Sunday run scenery photos*


Running break along Summit Road


And finally, yes, this post is late (not that any of you noticed). I try to get them out by Wednesday latest US time, but this week has been the busiest yet. With a flurry of activity on one of our projects I’ve been out in the field every day this week marking up full-scale samples for testing.

tagging collage

CSI : Christchurch


I grabbed our supplies Monday morning and then halted for a few seconds…realizing that if someone just happened to look in my box they wouldn’t be able to tell if I was a kindergarten teacher or an engineer. Likely “engineer” would be far from anyone’s mind with a bucket of sidewalk chalk, smiley face air fresheners, and some extensive stencils (including star, moon and heart shapes). Similar to any good CSI unit we had to go out to site, mark out our samples, carefully document any issues, and label every section. By now, I think I can say, I am quite the expert spray painter…as long as there’s a stencil involved.

Now off to Queenstown for the Queen’s Birthday!




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