Flanders in NZ 4 – Taco Tuesday

Last time I was in Christchurch Mexican food didn’t really exist or at least good Mexican food. All of a sudden the Mexican food bubble burst and taco trucks have over taken Christchurch. This is currently seen as a “fad.” We were even videotaped by a camera crew a couple of times when visiting different trucks for lunch. It is currently our mission as Americans to teach the good people of Christchurch that this isn’t a “fad” it should just be a “thing.” The week started off with typical Taco Tuesday at the new Tommys Tacos truck. After realizing there was much more to see and taste in the world of Christchurch taco trucks, Taco Friday happened and led us to Locos texmex truck, and then on Saturday several of us went to see the Lego Movie (in which tacos are discussed several times), therefore, we felt the need to check out Mamacitas taco truck for lunch afterwards. My personal fav. Is Locos, but there are things the other 2 trucks do well that could probably combined into one epic super taco truck. I’ll leave the city of Christchurch to figure that out for themselves.

What else happened this week? Saturday afternoon we disbanded after another successful taco truck outing and Keith & I just couldn’t go back to our flat. The weather was gorgeous so we drove out to suburbia Christchurch wine country. The first, and my favorite, local winery (Melton Estate) was booked for a wedding (it is constantly booked–one of the many annoying things about having your city’s wedding venues destroyed by earthquakes…). Not wanting to head all the way back, we drove over to Sandihurst winery. Keith, like I was the first time I went here, was confused by the lack of parking and signage and continually asked “are you sure it’s open?”…”Is this the right place?” As soon as we entered the cellar door and shuffled around a bit, the owner appeared ready to give us a free tasting. I have to highly recommend the True & Daring dry Riesling (unfortunately only exported to California!). Saturday night was spent baking a rhubarb cake to utilize all the garden-fresh rhubarb that one of our guests brought over for our Flat Warming Fiesta. I think I keep baking because I’m just so excited we have a giant kitchen… (again, how did I live in motel for 6 months!?). Recipe here.


Garden fresh Rhubarb Cake, yum!

And then Sunday morning…my quads quiver just remembering it. My frolleague, James, agreed to drive Keith and I up to one of his favorite local running spots – the Ripaki track. Or as I would like to describe it —a run up the side of the mountain. Not going to lie, it was beautiful and I can’t wait to go out here again; however, my legs were not too happy with me for the next few days. Luckily, after you do a 6 mile run and 1,000 ft of elevation you feel pretty accomplished on a Sunday morning! And yes those are bikers in the photo, they bike up the track like its nothing. Someday…


Rapaki Track running buddies

Per usual, the work week thus far has been filled with site visits, analysis, and reports. Wednesday included another fun visit to a bunny-suits-required location. I’ll leave you with my throwback thursday photo from this post 2 years ago, compared with my site visit photos from this week. Enjoy… more to come from some fun activities Keith planned for this upcoming weekend!

gym-inspection - throwback

Throwback Thursday – Gym Inspection 2012


site visit

Present Day – Still in a bunny suit…hotel basement inspection 2014


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