New Zealand 26 – Following in Ed’s Footsteps

Cup and Show week will soon be upon Christchurch which means the fascinator sales have cropped up all over the mall. Unfortunately, I am leaving New Zealand before the event of the season, but I’m sure I can live vicariously through my NZ coworkers photos.

Best Dressed Competition –

Anyways, onto this past weekend. I haven’t had much time to write a long post. This week has involved a lot of settlement preparation as well as packing to head out to Fiordland for a multi-day hike (for the first time since June we have a 3-day weekend!). This past Sunday I wanted to check off walking the Hooker Valley Track. This is the track that leads towards the base of Mt. Cook — the tallest and most technical mountain in New Zealand. New Zealand’s most famous resident, Sir Edmond Hillary, trained on Mt. Cook several times in preparation for Everest. Although not a very high mountain, the climb is a bit treacherous. Here are some photos to sum up the beautiful day myself, a coworker, and a fellow colleague enjoyed. (Note that there was NO snow to be found when we left Christchurch)

What we came across after 3 hours of driving south of Christchurch…

At first I thought there was a shooting range nearby, and then I looked up and realized the sound was from mini avalanches (luckily far, far, far away)

Into the snow we go…

Over the bridge…

Over some hills…

Made it to the money shot.

Can’t go anywhere without having a near death experience with some sheep.

That’s all for now. Next week’s post will be far more proper to detail our epic weekend hike. Until then…

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