New Zealand 24 – “Sweet As” Sisters

Last time I did a weekend Auckland tour, my colleagues formed the “A-Team,” this weekend my new set of colleagues dubbed ourselves the “Sweet As” Sisters. If we ever decide to move on from the world of Christchurch re-build, engineering, or architecture, we can always fall back on our band name and our ability to ride in unison on brightly colored mopeds.

The work week was filled with several new peer reviews and a whole lot of site visits for me. To top off a busy week, my Friday evening flight to Auckland was cancelled. Rapidly declining the airline’s offer to move me to a Saturday morning flight, I bought an Air New Zealand Friday flight and still managed to make an afternoon meeting on-time.

Finally, myself, coworker, and our architect friend were on a flight to Auckland to enjoy a “girl’s weekend”–back in a big city and with companions who wouldn’t give us a look of horror when we mentioned shopping. After 6 months of weekend trips, it’s been a recent realization that staying in apartments/rental houses/hotel rooms aren’t too far off from the price of staying in a hostel (note that this all depends of the number of people in your party); therefore, we ended up in a 2 bed, 2-bath apartment 29 stories high overlooking the Auckland harbour for a few bucks more than the local city hostel.

Room with a View

Saturday our one requirement was to have a fun time on Waiheke island. We ferry’d over from the mainland, immediately rented 3 bright yellow mopeds, and gathered up the courage to drive them all over the island.

Learning to Ride


Unobstructed View

Sunday morning the clocks sprung forward. Which means we will now occasionally leave work when the sun is still shining. According to our Auckland hotel, this has the possibility to cause some confusion–

“when clocks go forward…this simple means 2am becomes 3am Sunday morning…”

“If you have any questions”…

Sunday involved a great breakfast on Parnell Street. We then continued to shop and enjoy the sun all day. Shopping can never be complete until you walk into a famous New Zealand designer’s local store and start trying on ridiculous outfits. Yes, I tried this on, yes, it was amazing, yes, it is a completely unnecessary outfit–

If you have $700 to spare, you too can have the most expensive Barbie costume at your local Halloween party. Trelise Cooper – “Money Maker Dress”

After making a less ridiculous and more practical purchase, we sat at a harbour (note I will have some difficulty transferring from old English to new English upon my return to the States) restaurant until the airport shuttle arrived.

Overall, a perfect ladies weekend! The week is already off to a busy start; however, I must admit, having the sun around for more of the day is definitely a big plus.

Next week 6 of us are of to the North Island again for a marathon relay race! More to come…

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