New Zealand 22 – Sydney Sun

Okay folks, as I write this it is literally snowing outside my hotel room.What a way to start the week after spending a sunny & warm weekend in Sydney–

I finally escaped Christchurch and have a post full more exciting pictures (that is, if you don’t think coffee-photos-of-the-week, or hanging out with a sheep’s wool high visibility sweater make for exciting photos, I know my mother finds them exciting). Not too say Christchurch is bad, it is just…small. This is mainly thanks to the earthquakes–when I visited Christchurch in 2008 the central city was bustling with activity, now it’s much more spread-out. To be frank, Christchurch’s greater population is about 350,000–this makes it the biggest city (and I like to think, the only city) on the entire south island which can feel a bit suffocating after a while.  On the other hand, Christchurch is a great jumping-off point to head off on an adventure–like hoping on a plane and jumping the ditch for a 3-hour trip to Sydney, Australia.

Myself, along with two other coworkers booked a flight a while ago, knowing that around now we may need a break. I didn’t really realize how excited I actually was to be in Sydney until flipping through my photos from after the trip; a lot of arm throwing was involved, luckily I didn’t poke anyone’s eyes out–

I’ve had the really great opportunity to have gone to Sydney before and one of my colleagues had as well. The other colleague was staying in Australia for the rest of the week; therefore, our 2-night weekend stay was really all about relaxing, enjoying the city life, and forgetting about Christchurch and work for 48 hours.

Traveling Trio

Fortunate for us we have some pretty awesome clients–one in particular that gave us a breakdown of all the best places to go, what times to go, and on what weekend day. After hoping off the plan we found a great dinner at The Morrison and then eventually stumbled upon Baxter Inn after following a small crowd into quite the sketchy ally and down an awkward stairwell. Luckily Baxter Inn was really a very nice, tiny, and low-key bar that favored playing swing music in the background and hiring bartenders with handlebar mustaches–a great find if you’re ever in Sydney!

On Saturday we found breakfast along the Circular Quay (pronounced “Key”, I constantly forget this…) and then headed to the Sydney Bridge to get a better view. Rather than doing the bridge walk, you can pay a low fee of $15 to get you into the pylon (layman’s term – those giant stone structures at the ends of the arch) which you can climb up for an amazing view.

Sydney from the Harbour Bridge pylon

The rest of the afternoon was spent literally sitting in front of the Opera House at the Opera Bar and making friends with whomever sat next to us at our table. This all resulted in an afternoon nap, sleeping through dinner reservations, and waking up around 11:30pm wondering what to do. Well, we were in Sydney, so obviously we couldn’t just sleep through it. We ended up at a beer garden and eventually decided we should cautiously head to Kings Cross – like NYC Times Square somewhere in-between the bad times and the present. Fortunately, Kings Cross was seemingly safe and we ended up at a hotel bar porch overlooking the street all night into the morning. I have yet to experience NYC nightlife, but it seriously amazed me how we left at 5am and everyone was still there. I felt like I was leaving a party early.

Sunday morning involved a good breakfast on Crown Street and a bus to Bondi Beach. Bondi was beautiful. The beach was packed with people and the water was packed with surfers.

Bondi Beach

We bought some gelato and then walked along the beautiful Coast Walk until it was time for 2 of us to say goodbye to our vacationing friend and head back to the airport.

Best ocean side pool I’ve come across

We reluctantly taxi’d back to the Sydney International Airport after a great weekend. I then learned I need to travel more to obtain airline gold status like several of my coworkers, or just make sure I travel with them more often–the complimentary hot buffet, private bathrooms, and drinks were just what I needed to top off the trip.

New Zealand has a lot in store for me over the next 7 weeks. Work is busy and there are a lot of upcoming bucket-list items I have the pleasure of crossing off.

Stay tuned!


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