New Zealand 5 – Zed

One Direction has officially stepped foot onto New Zealand soil. Therefore, they have taken over the airwaves and all I have to listen to on my ride to work in the morning is “What Makes You Beautiful” and then listen to each screaming teenager that wins a pair of tickets to their upcoming concert.

The work week is getting busier, with a mix of site visits and report writing. Unfortunately I’m not all geared up in this photo (hard hat, vest etc), but I look like I’m writing some extensive notes. Most likely I am, considering I had no idea this photo was being taken.

On the Job

This was at a typical office/storage unit park. One owner showed me into his unit to which I found an entire collection of amazing classic cars. I had to be especially careful navigating myself around the pristine Rolls Royce in the middle of the unit. He then told me how the last time the Queen visited (yes, the Queen Elizabeth herself), that vehicle was rented for her visit. I really wish I wasn’t working so I could have asked the unprofessional question of “can you take my picture in the driver’s seat?”

Tomorrow I am off to the west coast with four other coworkers to hike a glacier. Yes, that’s right, an actual glacier! We’re leaving early Saturday morning, stopping in a Hokitika for a bit of shopping & lunch along the way, stopping at a scenic lake, and then on to our hostel for the night. On Sunday morning we will spend the entire day tramping (“hiking” in NZ terms) to the glacier and then along it. Another more detailed blog post with photos to come!

Can you guess what the blog title refers to? I had forgotten all my Aussie dictionary terms from my last trip down under, but I quickly remembered the letter Z is not said as “Zee,” Kiwis and Aussies say “Zed” instead. You hear it a lot especially on the radio since everything is 96.1 NZ aka “En Zed.” There’s the NZ fact of the day. Off to bed for me.

One thought on “New Zealand 5 – Zed

  1. Auntie Judy says:

    Greetings Jen, from Auntie Judy! Rolls Royce? Next time, yes take your picture with it! Happy glacier hiking!

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