Here’s to the New Year

Picture of the Month

I could write a plethora (attempting to expand vocabulary?) of words to summarize 2010; so therefore, I’ll sum it up with my picture of the month collage. Most up until May was covered fairly well with my graduate adventures–skiing, snowboarding (aka short breaks I took to get away from the office), worrying about my Haitian Sponsor Child, experiencing my first Boston Marathon (spectating of course!), and finally graduating and therefore completing my goal since high school to get a higher degree…to be a “master” of something–has kind of a ring to it!

The summer taught me that life can change dramatically very quickly! One second you’re engaged with no employment, the next you’ve moved your entire life states away and planning some sort of extravagant wedding.  I just keep on building bridges, as the cliché goes, which has brought me to a lot of great new experiences.

I was a bit reluctant to start up the blog again because half of me thinks I’m a boring adult now, but the other half realizes that I’ve done a lot of pretty interesting stuff over the past few months–working out in the field making sure Maryland’s infrastructure stays intact, exploring the Nations capital, hanging out in NYC to ring in 2011, and of course WEDDING PLANNING.

Wedding Venue – photo credit

Okay so half of you may be rolling your eyes, but this will obviously be a big part of my life until October.  Luckily, the people who actively read this are family and friends that might actually be interested, otherwise too bad.  The resolution to start up the blog again was to keep a record of interesting leaps and bounds that keep occurring in my life and maybe a bit of advice I learn along the way.


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