Real World Lesson #1 – there’s always gaps to be bridged

So the real world finally begins.  And I have finally decided to write about it after putting it off for far too long.

I’ve lived my life with a pretty solid schedule until this summer seemed to scramble it in an amazing yet stressful way. If you asked me last year I would have definitely thought I would be living in a Boston suburbia apartment, working for a design firm I know since the beginning of June, going to monthly book club meetings with Elizabeth, and dating a great guy named Keith.

Now, in reality, I am living at home all summer, unemployed (and furiously working on this), engaged to a guy named Keith, trying not think too much about a wedding until I’m employed, suddenly attempting to move my life to a Washington DC suburbia apartment, and needing to find new friends to start up a monthly book club with. In order to bridge the gap of summer, I’ve included a summary of pictures below–

keith graduates with his masters degree in fire protection engineering

I graduated with my masters degree, and continued to pop open some champagne in celebration...

went to a very fun wedding with high school friends

have a wedding to look forward to myself

discovered the Building Museum's gift shop - new favorite place in the world

keith won the competition of "who will get a job first" in greater Washington DC. therefore, job search efforts have begun to focus within that area. so far, major search efforts are starting to pay off.

I’ve always assumed that Bridging the Gap would be a temporary thing to cover my life in limbo over the past year during graduate education.  However, this summer has made me realize that life is full of little “limbos” that simply lead you to your next destination. So I figured I might as well keep this blog around for a bit longer as the title will forever fit and to log a bit more of my so-called adventures. Who knows who will continue to read it, but I definitely have a fun time doing so.


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