A dose of optimisim please?

I love my glass being half full.  (Realistically, I hate it, I remember when I was little my dad would always only pour milk or OJ half full into my glass.  I could never really understand the point of that.) But I digress, I have been beating myself up a bit lately with trying to figure out what I’m going to do, life wise, now that graduation is on Sunday. I’ve never had a point in life where I did NOT know what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to be a structural engineer in high school, I knew I wanted to go to grad school during undergrad, and now that I’ve done all that I KNOW I want to make a difference in structural engineering and consulting, but where? This is the unknown, and I was pretty bummed about it.

However, I’ve realized that just isn’t me, negativity never got me anywhere.  Although I still don’t have any answers, I figured I’d revert to putting a smile back on my face and plowing through life that way instead.

PLUS, there are so many great things that went on/are going on this week! Let’s focus on the good, shall we?

Last week a bunch of Structures kids went camping and hiking at Watkins Glen–

Gorge Trail

The past few days I spent at Penn State University visiting my friend Lauren–

Nittany Lions Fans!

Today I stumbled across the new WPI Residential Services website.  Then I continued to stumble over some photos that brought back the memories of my past modeling career as “that-wpi-super-fan-who-always-responded-to-‘we-need-students-to-photograph’-emails”–

"Us WPI kids love chillin' in our suite living spaces!"

"We frequently drink dyed water that just looks like soda"

Tomorrow involves a FILLED day of bowling, kayaking, and free barbecuing.  Thursday involves a road trip to Canada with my brother.  And of course, this weekend is filled with graduation festivities to celebrate the most academic work-filled year of my life.

Bring on the orange hood, and while you’re at it, just fill my glass to the top.


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