Grad Lesson #17 – Stay Classy Cornell

Last week we finally did it–completed our Structural Engineering project.  We finished our paper, suited up, and gave our presentation in front of a filled McManus Lounge.  This was the only time within the year, and probably forever again, that we were all dressed in suits, together, for a good 5+ hours.  In order to freeze this moment in time, here’s some classy photos:

Suit Up

Serious Faces

In a broader, graduate school, sense, on Tuesday at around 11pm I finished EVERYTHING–all classes, all finals, all projects.  Everything was done.

So what now? Well, there’s plenty of time for more important things! Such as, finishing up the “161 Things To Do” list. Ok, I’ll face it, I will never actually finish them all. 1) Time, 2) Some things require me to have been a freshman here and 3) I actually have some sense of morality.  But so far, I’ve managed to check off 38 out of 161. Not half-bad…well, actually, less than half bad, but oh well.  The next week and half is fairly filled with camping expeditions, PA road trips, and heading up to Canada for the fun of it.  But I’m sure I can check off a few more things, such as:

  • Road trip it to Canada <–Happening next week, CHECK!
  • Buying an Ithaca is Gorges t-shirt
  • Play croquet on the quad with a popped collar <–I’ve been waiting so long in anticipation for this!
  • Eat breakfast at 2am at the State Diner
  • …and more!

Look forward to more posts in the next weeks w/ adventures leading up to graduating from grad school, and then the real “gap” begins…

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