Grad Lesson #16 – Priorities, such as supporting those who choose to run 26.2 miles–straight

Last week, Monday, was the Boston Marathon.  Keith and a couple other WPI guys were running, along with 28,000 other people that I’m sure were equally awesome.  Therefore, I was back in MA. All the driving was fairly rough, but being able to cheer on the runners made it all worth it.  Accompanied by Marissa (an old WPI roommate) we made a sick sign and managed to see the guys THREE times throughout the 26.2 mile course!  (apparently our feat is unheard of)

E-I Radical Pi...

We even managed to sneak in the background of one of the professional photographs of Keith along the course….at least we think we did.  You can attempt to be the judge.

Largely Zoomed in Marathon Photo...yes, that's me...I think...

Now onto the last few weeks of grad school:

7 Days – Final Graduate Project Report Due

9 Days – End of Classes

12 Days – Graduate Project Presentation

30 Days – End of Finals

39 Days – Graduation


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