Grad Lesson #15 – Diversity in the Workplace

I am obviously a sheltered person–born in Massachusetts, attend elementary, high school, and college in Massachusetts.  Where over 50 % of my college peers were also from the New England region.

Go to grad school *dramatic pause* in New York, where there are *another even more dramatic pause* supporters of OTHER

athletic team organizations.

Living in New England has meant growing up with some pretty awesome sports dynasties–Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics… who wouldn’t appreciate that? Well apparently a lot of people–that typically route for the opposing teams.  I remember skipping school to go to the first Patriots Superbowl Parade in Boston (where Tom Brady obviously looked straight at me and waved…obviously) and thought, who wouldn’t like this team they’re great?  Well, the real world hit in grad school where exclamations of  “F– the Patriots” and “Boston Sucks” frequently arise around the office.  I admit, I’ve never been in a world where the majority of people DON’T support the same teams I do; but it definitely has been eye-opening and even keeps the world of engineering a bit drama-filled.  Such as having one peer complaining, showing me the score of his loosing Twins vs. Red Sox on an iphone in the middle of Dynamics class.  Or getting a text message while driving the says “Boston Sucks” because the Red Sox are loosing to some other team.  All the hostility is quite fascinating really.

Patriots Parade in Boston

So what’s next, sensitivity training for opposing team supporters?  Probably not, it might make the office far less interesting. 🙂


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