Grad Lesson #13 – Don’t lose you’re purse, or rather, just never leave your apartment

Saturday was probably my worst day in Ithaca thus far.  Not only did I lay around feeling awful all day, I lost my purse somewhere in town Friday night.  After forcing myself to get out and look for it at every conceivable place imaginable, I realized there may be no hope in ever getting it back.  So after taking inventory, goodbye and RIP:

Coach key ring received as a high school graduation gift,

Dooney & Burke clutch...thankfully this was free, but still,

Multiple important keys,

Anything you can imagine putting into a wallet,

And of course most importantly…

2 free coffee cards (1 for CTB and 1 for Stellas) that took me over a month to fill...

After thinking about I realized it could have been a lot worse, I could have not had an extra set of keys lying around, and I could have had actual cash in my wallet.   After canceling all credit cards, copying some keys, and realizing I might be able to actually fill up 2 more coffee cards before I graduate, I felt a lot better.  And in other cool news, my family bought a puppy this week:

"Still Nameless"

So what better to cheer me up than a puppy?!  And additionally, the parentals will be visiting this upcoming weekend, which means I can see this cute scruff ball, as well as eat lots of free food.  So things may be looking up.

But just a future suggestion to myself, never going out again…except for the occasional obligatory trip to class.


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