Grad Lesson #12 – Show me the $

Last Sunday I was walking through Wegmans with Chenny like we always do (the whole boring old married couple thing has started to set in) and came across these:

Ferns for your Home

Of course I instantly exclaimed, “Can we have a house plant!?!?”  To say the least, no, we did not get a house plant.  But I went back to Wegman’s today and thought about it–why would I ever want to spend the $13 I don’t have on a “Fern for you Home”?

This has become probably one of the biggest challenges in grad school, not the academics, not the whole no sleep thing, but holding back on spending “stupid” amounts of money.  It becomes a fine line, because yes I am in a new place that I want to experience which tends to involve money (think Australia); however, on the other end, I still need to pay rent and buy food without begging off the parentals.

Jen’s Unnecessary Weekly Spending Habits

Item                                                             Weekly Costs

Coffee @Stellas or CTB                        $6 (down from previous number!)

Breakfast @CTB (~1x/week)                $4 (down from previous number!)

Takeout/Wings/lunch                            $10

CarriageHouse                                     $15

Gift from the Ithaca Po-Po(aka parking tickets) $15

Total             $50  (ok, so if I go a week w/ out the parking ticket $35)

Despite my highly exclusive and well-paying job as “Student Academic Service Assistant IV” (that was sarcasm for those who may have thought I was full of it right there), I think I’m going to have to try to cut down expenses which I’ve already had quite a bit of luck in (my weekly total definitely used to be much higher with several more breakfast outings and coffee excursions).

>I suggest from experience starting with coffee.  Coffee makers are fabulous.

>>then moving towards making your own breakfast & lunches–this is perhaps the biggest $ saver.

>>>eventually you must avoiding parking in the wrong spot or read the EXTREMELY small UNNOTICEABLE no parking signs throughout Ithaca (thanks Ithaca…)

>>>>and finally, I guess, you should start re-thinking eating out.  This I have yet to part with, and probably won’t ever resolve.  Ithaca has far too many great restaurants, and Sunday Brunch has become too much of a tradition by now to get out of this rut.  But it’s a money rut I definitely enjoy.

Looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have another job interview scheduled over spring break, so I’m feeling optimistic about an eventual income.  Let’s hope the glass stays half full, or as the engineer would say–the glass gets cut down, because there’s obviously too much for the drink amount.

One thought on “Grad Lesson #12 – Show me the $

  1. Alyson says:

    I completely agree. Since starbucks is on campus i was going at least 5 times a week and i have it down to 2. I also bought a plant – which died. All the fashionable people here make me want to buy the newest things that I cannot afford when living in boston.

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