Grad Lesson #11 – There Will Never be an Engineering Prime Time Drama

I love cheesy television.  Particularly Grey’s Anatomy–drama filled show about surgeons, and my new recent favorite, The Deep End–drama filled show about lawyers.  This caused me to think, why isn’t there some awesome written prime time show out there about engineering?  Answer – probably because drama and engineering don’t really go together.  You can only have so much drama when you and your friends go out and the group consistency is:

Males – 7

Females – 2

Total amount of Females Taken – All of them

And I have learned over the past few months of grad school that I make an awful wing-woman–a friendly connector between a single guy and girl.  It just doesn’t seem to ever work out to well, therefore, I have stopped trying.  And writers will stop trying to produce any type of “nerd” drama.  Big Bang Theory is all well and good, but still under the genre of comedy.

To make this post even more random, moving onto Valentines Day. I am a female, I think Valentines Day is cute. I believe that Valentines Day should be celebrated constantly, but Malls of America, Wegmans, and CVS don’t tend to agree with me.  I spent my Valentines weekend making 200 dumplings with the roomate in honor of Chinese New Year–something far more important than V-Day.  However, I couldn’t really seem to let it go and still ended up buying myself and excessively large box of chocolates for myself at Wegmans.  Additionally, I’m pretty sure I gave the roommate a V-Day gift purely for allowing him to buy the swimsuit Sports Illustrated during the same Wegmans trip. Would you believe other than an interview with Lindsey Vonn there are no articles in there?! preposterous.  I refrained for looking completely pathetic and did not drink a large glass of wine while forcing my roommate to watch Casablanca with me.

Dumplings Everywhere

So in conclusion, there is no such thing as an Engineering prime time drama, HOWEVER, this is such thing as an  engineering barbie,  and Valentines Day should always be spent making hundreds and hundreds of Chinese dumplings.  Dumplings make everyone happy, just like funfetti cake.

Look for a more consistent post in the coming week!

2 thoughts on “Grad Lesson #11 – There Will Never be an Engineering Prime Time Drama

  1. himma2 says:

    ACTUALLY, he really did want to watch Casablanca…I just had a lot of work to do. Maybe I’ll watch it tonight. by myself. while you all drink martinis. 🙂

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