Grad Lesson #10 – Enjoy the Things that Have Nothing to do w/ School

The great thing about still being in school is that I still get great deals on great trips.  For instance, last week, a mass Engineering Grad Student Association (EGSA) email was sent out announcing a $10 Ski/Snowboard learning package and $30 day ticket package at Greek Peak for the first 30 or so people to sign up.  So of course, us Structures kids practically ran to go sign up.  I had never been snowboaring before, so this sounded like an amazing, yet cheap, opportunity!  The roommate and his chemical engineering peers often visit Greek Peak; but I had never made the trek out considering passes + rental equipment costs never seemed worth it.

Sitting at the top of the Bunny Slope

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a cross-country skiing background–this is when you ski UP the hills too, in case you were wondering.  I tried alpine skiing for the first time a few years ago in Colorado, and I think I was pretty good at it–at least for a first timer.  So that being said, snowboarding is A LOT different.  I think I was able to get the balancing fairly easily; however, the hard part was definitely going down a mountain sideways.  The skier habit of facing forward could not let this one go.  Therefore, I constantly turned left and dug my heels into the snow most of the runs down.  Currently, my knees hate me, my thighs hate me, and my butt definitely hates me because I had to collapse on it so much.  Despite all this hatred, I still had a fun time!

The roommate - aka far more experienced and superior snowboarder

And yes, snowboarding was a chance to get away from school, but my peers and I can never manage to get completely away from our education.  Throughout the day we talked about stress concentrations within our boards, the composite materials involved in fracture mechanics, the tension and sag caused on the chair lift, and the structural stability of the brand new wooden lodge.  Yes, we constantly made fun of ourselves for it, but it’s what we do.

Stress Concentration...

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