Wine – o !

Ithaca is situated within the Finger Lakes Region.  The Finger Lakes Region has its fair share of wineries.  When I say a fair share, it’s a pretty lot of fair shares.

Despite the workload of us grad students, we still find the time to enjoy the region and take in some wine tours.  This is Chenny and my 2nd wine tour.  I briefly mentioned the first in this post.  Other than some awkward conversations like this one…

Wagner Vineyard Wine Guy- So where are you two from?

Chenny – Connecticut

Me – Massachusetts

Chenny – We both went to the same undergraduate school in Worcester

Me – yeah, and now we live together and go to grad school at Cornell

Wagner Vineyard Wine Guy- Ohhhhh, so you’re together?

Me & Chenny – uh…yeah

…it was a pretty nice chance to get away from the college town for a bit.

I think sometime Chenny and I get pretty tired of explaining to people that it’s not weird to live with a different gendered person…and not be in a relationship.  Maybe we’re the only ones who think this way, who knows.  This was probably our 10+ encounter with this situation.  Personally, my favorite encounter was when one of my project peers found out that we were NOT in fact dating, and her response was “Really? Jen, I just took you for a person who was all about diversity or something!” Oh well…sorry Chenny, I’m an awful wing-woman apparently.

Now that I’m through with that tangent, some pictures.

Wagner Tasting

Seneca Lake...the OTHER big finger lake

Chenny & Rick checking out the guest book map

Fiddle Bands - Great Additions to any Distillery


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