Grad Lesson #9 – Avoid Saying “Wicked” Around Your Non-Massachusetts Project Partners

It finally slipped.  Somehow I managed to hold in my use of the word “wicked” for the entire first semester of grad school.  Through countless wing nights, project meetings, exclamatory statements, it managed to never expose itself…until last night.

Thursdays, at least for my peers and I, are our “off night.”  This typically involves going to wing night at Dinos and showing up at Dunbar’s far too early making us the only group of people present till around 11:30 or 12, but why would we care?–more fresh breathable air for us.

Last night may have been a little atypical. Mainly because Dinos was replaced by the Nines Pizza, lots of ice skating was involved, and we arrived at Dunbars perfectly fashionably late, so late in fact that we were eventually kicked out. Maybe this out-of-the-norm Thursday is why my vocabulary slipped, who knows? Anyways, we were sitting down at the Nines and I don’t even remember what I said, probably something along the lines of–

“This (insert noun) blah blah blah, it’s wicked awesome!”

Within a couple seconds I realized what I had done, mainly because Pennsylvania friend Brandon started cracking up.  Staton Island friend Denis had no clue what was going on and then upon realizing, explained that his brain translator automatically caused him to hear “really” versus “wicked” within his head.

Of course, now that I said it once, I continued to slip a few times throughout the rest of the night. Not to say I’m bashing my Mass heritage, I love that I can say crazy random things like “wicked,” deal with all this cold & snowy weather, and despite my lack of any Boston accent, my peers continue to say I sound a bit like Julianne Moore from 30 Rock.  But whatever. It’s interesting to be on the other side of the fence.

Leaving you w/ some skating photos from last night:

Guys at the Rink

Gals at the Rink


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