Break’s Over

Today marked the first day of my last semester of grad school.  I was rather relieved to go from my full work day schedule of the past couple weeks to a more open class schedule.  For instance today was the first time I arrived home as early as 4PM! This provided me with just enough light to go out and run a few miles before dinner.

So to fill my week blogging void–some points before semester 2 to mention:

  1. Roomates Birthday – Chenny turned 23.  He quickly informed everyone throughout this day that 23 is awesome, because it is what he likes to call a “super prime number.”

    Party Table

  2. Work, Work, Work – nothing really to mention there…just lots of work on our project
  3. Long lost relatives – some long lost relatives still living in Finland (the homeland) found me on facebook over the weekend.  This had made my weekend quite fun and interesting! Apparently my brother and I have some distant brother & sister cousins over there that are the same age as us!
  4. Start of class – full of confusion on what classes to exactly take.  And the one class I DO know I’ll be taking has been canceled tomorrow due to the professor being in Haiti until and undisclosed date.
  5. Trying to start this semester on the right foot…let the academia ensue.

argh, I can’t post when I’m tired. The interesting points of the week get all fuzzy. Came up with some ideas for a new grad lesson; however, this is all blurry now as well. Oh well, on to some sleep and will post some more later.


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