Grad Lesson #8 – Funny ads that only you think are funny

As I type I have littered all over my bedroom desk (home bedroom…versus Ithaca bedroom, remember I’m on break) the following Civil Engineering literature, journalism, magazines, whatever you wish to name them:

  • ASCE News
  • Modern Steel Construction
  • The Transit of Chi Epsilon Society
  • Civil Engineering, the Magazine of the ASCE
  • The Bent of Tau Beta Pi Society
  • & Society of Women Engineers News

I don’t think I realized how big of an engineering dork I was until now.  To give myself some credit, I didn’t actually go out and sing up for any of these publications.  They’ve all appeared at my doorstep for free over the past few years because I’ve ended up a member of practically every engineering society known to man.

To tell the truth, I rarely, …actually never read all of these.  BUT I do really enjoy Modern Steel Construction.  Probably because it’s all about Structural Engineering versus the other journals which cover a wider range of Civil and General Engineering.

Anyways, to get to the point, I was reading through the January 2010 issue of Modern Steel Construction and found this advertisement for the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) conference:

AISC Conference Ad

Soooo I don’t think anyone really gets it, but I laughed out loud.  Especially considering my Cornell project team has been discussing the P-Delta effect lately for our Masters project.

So there you have it–Lesson #8 Grad studies increase you’re knowledge of obscure topics that nobody understand except for people in your field


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