Where do I start?

Ok.  To put this post in a nutshell:

Thanksgiving in Ithaca went fabulous.  This is Gary, he tasted great.

Turkey all cooked up

The guests brought several colorful meals that filled up our table.

Thanksgiving SpreadThe rest of the night involved lots of eating, some beer, wine, and the ever popular party game of salad bowl.

The real thanksgiving weekend was first spent at home for a couple days and then in the woods of New Hampshire for the rest of it.  There are many great things about being in the woods of NH, one example being that you’re away from communication tools such as the internet.  This equates to more time spent with actual, living, breathing people and not freaking out so much about the outside world.  I think that’s a big reason why I’ve always like NH so much.  Not that it doesn’t have internet…I’m sure some nooks and cranny’s of NH have internet; however, no place I have every resided have been lucky enough.

And this just all boils down to the fact that it’s my favorite time of year – The Christmas (or in the politically correct fashion–“Holiday”) Season.  In celebration, I plugged in the apartment evergreen and set the t.v. to fire-and-light-jazz mode. hmmmm, I can feel the warmth!

Christmas has begun at the apartment

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