Grad Lesson #6 – Want Attention?

As anyone that goes to a current US university knows, student groups always try and attack you throughout the main artery of campus.  But nothing catches your attention quite like a person dressed up in a ridiculous costume.  Last week I found myself standing in line in front of a giant cigarette in the Cornell store.  Yes, in actuality there was a person, seeming completely normal, just standing behind me in line w/ some binders dressed as a giant cigarette.  I later learned that this was for the campaign against smoking around campus, considering he (or she) was pictured in the newspaper the next day in the plaza waving to scared pedestrians. 
Today, this subject was brought up again, when I was on my way to the Cornell Store and crossed paths with a giant lightbulb.  Being impossible to avoid the giant lightbulb, it came up to me, waved, and through me a miniture version of himself–a lightbulb shaped stress reliver.  Oh college, what will you throw at me next?
Lightbulb in the Plaza

Lightbulb in the Plaza


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