Grad School Lesson #5 – Host a “get-to-gether”

I decided, with my newly formed domesticated self, that Chenny and I should host a Thanksgiving Extravaganza.  Or as I like to call it “A very merry Ithaca Thanksgiving – The fake Thanksgiving we learned in Kindergarten.”  Aside – I recently learned that Native American aid to the Pilgrims – Squanto – was in fact taken as a slave by the British, seen as a traitor to his people, and basically was hated by all in the end just for trying to help the Pilgrims survive.  Therefore, I figured remembering the Kindergarten version of Thanksgiving was the better way to go…and host a moderate Thanksgiving party. One tiny, small issue–neither Chenny or I have ever attempted to cook a Turkey before, or much of any other Thanksgiving type foods.  Step 1) Go to Wegmans and pick up a Turkey:


Tons of Turkeys at Wegmans

Step 2) Call mom about 5 times asking for advice,

Step 3) Rack up a $100 grocery bill b/c we want to provide a somewhat classy meal for 15 people,

Step 4) Determine things to cook other than Turkey,

Step 5) Find an awesome recipe for homemade stuffing,

Step 6) Roast 5 million chestnuts for your amazing stuffing recipe,

Step 7) Cut your finger open to cause eternal bleeding while peeling off the shells of the 5 million chestnuts,

Step 8 ) Determine how to fit 15 guests in your small apartment living room,

Step 9) Convince your guests to bring drinks or an appetizer,

and finally

Step 10) Create a “kick-ass” construction paper centerpiece.

And there you have your Thanksgiving Extravaganza.



Table Centerpiece

Another post to come on how this all plays out…


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