All I have standing between me and a nice long 5.5 day break is the following: Franc 2D analysis, a concrete spreadsheet, solid mechanics homework, finite element practicum stuff, a foundations presentation, phase 4 concrete project, cooking thanksgiving dinner for all the Ithaca friends, and then I can finally head back to New England–back to where Thanksgiving should be celebrated (haha).  I think this whole semester schedule is really starting to get to me.  I just want things to be done.  I’m getting frustrated with these drawn out classes.  I’m glad we have things like intramural volleyball, birthday dinners, and Sunday morning brunch to keep my mind of these things.  I’ve started a twitter comment a day on things I’m thankful for.  This gets my mind of the bad and on to the good.  But ultimately I am thankful that I’ll have a nice long break coming up within a week and a half.


Jen's Board of Tasks


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