Consumerist Addict

The weeks keep getting longer and darker as winter and finals time encroaches on Ithaca.  Last night I was happily dragged out with a group of 5 other WPI-Alum-turned-Cornell-Grads for a birthday celebration.  And with this night I was able to add another Ithaca Eatery to my counter – Blue Stone Grill.  My turkey burger was up to par, with the fries being superb.  I thought the night might end after dinner; however, we suddenly ended up at one of my favorite Ithaca eateries/coffee shop / bar / basically everything- Stellas – for dessert and wine.

Stella’s is an interesting and amazing place, of which I attempted to come up with a summary for this week.  The place is divided into 3 different areas, or as I would say “personalities,” and it’s the kind of place you can be at from 6am for coffee, until 1 am for drinks.  When in front of the restaurant there’s a left side, a right side, and a basement.  The left side is what I like to call the Hipster-bohemian-like-place-where-you-sit-with-a-Mac-and-get-morning-coffee side.  The right side is what I like to call the Trendy-see-and-be-seen-drinks-and-dinner side.  And the basement is simply the Extra-trendy-location-with-little-to-no-lighting-as-shown-below basement.  I think why I like Stella’s is because it’s relaxing, has great coffee, and it’s mostly a grad hangout (versus undergrad).

CIMG3082After all this, we realized there’s even more food available at the Cornell sponsored event – “Battle of the Late Night Foods.”  I was stuffed to near explosion but insisted we check it out to get the full “Cornell-sponsored-event” experience (I can’t wait till Slope Day!)  Upon entering this late night competition we all realized we should have eaten less at dinner and just come to campus for the main course.  After our free entry we grabbed a plate and were able to shuffle around an auditorium grabbing burgers, fries, homemade cookies, soft drinks etc. from several different Ithaca late-night favorites.

And as a complete aside – after all of this I came to the conclusion on the walk down the slope, with help from Chenny, that I am indeed a “consumerist addict.”  That is, simply when it comes to coffee.  It’s not really about the coffee, because that’s something I can easily make in my apartment (very good cold brewed coffee, in fact).  It’s about holding a store-bought container filled with coffee (or hot cocoa when I’m in that mood).  Not even a thermal re-usable water bottle! I am so un-green, and Ithaca should be ashamed of me.  However, I can’t help it.  I thought, what if I bought a sleeve of Starbucks Red cups and threw my coffee in there in the morning? But no, I think it all comes down to getting the experience of going to a coffee shop, interacting with baristas, and getting my un-reusable cup of a beverage.  Something I’ll need to work on if I want to have any money left in December to buy gifts…



3 thoughts on “Consumerist Addict

      • mhaithaca says:

        They’re not trying to make their cookies great; they’re trying to make their cookies sweet and full of butter. This has its charms… 🙂

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