“Safety School!, Safety School! Safety School!”

What an eventful weekend!   And first of all, let me apologize for my lack of postings.  Reasoning: 1) Nothing overly interesting has happened until late, and 2) Grad school tends to suck up one’s life.

Let me start from the beginning.  A structural student peer – Katrina, emailed out our grad group saying she had extra tickets to the Harvard/Cornell Hockey game for this weekend.  Knowing how big a deal this was, I immediately responded and claimed the center-ice-3-rows-back-from-the-bench tickets to the very sold out game.  Of course I told my roomate that he was coming with me, despite his lack of hockey knowledge, or even interest–the fact immediately changed while we were at the game.


Looking for Hockey gear in the Ithaca Mall

 Game Night: We get to the rink an appropriate 30-45 minutes early to take it all in.  Our seats are sweet, but we soon learned that we never actually sit in them.  We also quickly learned, that we desperately needed a “Guide on how to be a Cornell Hockey Fan” handbook, because of the numerous chants and traditions we were not originally privy too.  Luckily, Chenny had the iPod and we learned a whole lot about Hockey and the Cornell/Harvard Rivalry throughout the game (which dates back to 1910, and is written into the plot of the famous 70s movie – Love Story).  The first lesson learned is that everyone holds up newspapers while the opposing team’s starting lineup is called.  Afterwards, the papers are crumpled and thrown onto the ice.  And since this was the Harvard game, dead fish were additionally thrown on the ice.  I observed multiple flying fish guts last night.


Newspapers and Dead Fish on the ice

 Scores: The beginning was rough, Harvard scored first, we scored, then Harvard scored a couple more times.  For a while we were down by 2 and going into the 3rd period the score was 2-3 Harvard.  Yet, somehow, someway, we managed to score multiple goals within 9 minutes leaving the final score to be 6-3 Cornell.  Couldn’t have been a more perfectly played out game to attend.


The point where "BEND OVER" is repeatedly shouted from the heckling Cornell Fans

 Additional Traditions: Apart from Harvard specific chants of “Safety School!” and “Grade Inflation!” (As an aside I was rejected from Harvard…however in defense, Harvard does not have any major that I would ever be interested, therefore, it never really made sense to apply in the first place), car keys were taken out for the last few minutes and jingled throughout a crowd shouting “warm up the bus!”  The rink stadium sounded like it was right out of some sort of jingle bells production.  Each time we scored, the entire rink shouted “It’s all your fault!” to the opposing goalie…mean, but…passionate?  Lucky for us, we befriended another grad student that helped us get through these chants and hand motions so we didn’t look COMPLETELY out of the loop.


 Overall: Awesome college hockey game experience.  Chenny was super into the game, and even mentioned about going to more in the near future, or buying season tickets in the next years he’ll be here.  We were also informed that we need to experience Men’s Lacrosse in the spring.  One item on the “Big Red Ambition” list is “attend the Cornell / Harvard Hockey game and throw a fish onto the ice.”  Okay, so I didn’t throw a fish onto the ice despite considering it, but I think I can at least cross of another 1/2 item on my list.






One thought on ““Safety School!, Safety School! Safety School!”

  1. The “safety school” chant always makes me chuckle at the Dartmouth game. That WAS my safety school. 🙂

    Glad you made it to the game last night! You picked a good one. Hell of a show, eh?

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