Doing Something Right – “Officially”

I’ve officially been referenced.  Okay… so it’s a reference from my MQP (major qualifying project aka WPI’s senior project) partner –Alyson– who is continuing on our senior research for her PhD at Northeastern…so basically she’s referencing herself… but it’s a start.  HOWEVER, the project is with several other grad students, advisors, and funded by the NSF.  So I am still beaming to have my project’s citation on something else other than the WPI on-line MQP catalogue.


I’m glad our work we spent so many man (or rather woman) hours on didn’t have to simply come to hault in May.  Alyson is presenting the poster tomorrow with advisors and partner and will let me know if it wins the big award! What the award actually is…I’m not sure…but again, it’s a start.


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