Apologies for not updating 24/7. I must say it was surprisingly easier to blog at least once a week at WPI when I was working on senior project, crazy classes, crazy grad classes, plus involved in a million things.  Now I seem to be busy with just Cornell grad classes…lame.


 So what has happened of late? Well, I went back to Massachusetts last weekend to watch Keith run a marathon.  It was amazing.  I never knew spectating someone run 26.2 miles could be so much fun! (well, definitely more fun for me than it was for the members of Keith’s family running!)  A bunch of WPI friends came out and we basically just drove around the course the whole time, cheering Keith along key points throughout the run.  He managed to finish around 2 hrs 46 minutes.  Quite the feat! Although he couldn’t walk at the end, he was still a great trouper and stood outside for a while after a hot shower to wait for his sister to finish.



 1021091610As for this week, schoolwork hasn’t been toooo stressful.  I’m ready to just plow threw this weekend and next week with work and enjoy going back home (yet again) for homecoming.  I promise I’m not like “that” loner kid from freshman year that never hangs out at school.  Two important MA weekends just happened to come up at the same time.  I must say it is nice to be back in civilization for a while, even if it is only for a weekend.  Hopefully my ’92 Honda Accord won’t hate me for the milage it will be getting.  I think I may have gotten quite used to the scenic 6 hr drive–especially in the autumn season.

So on to plowing threw the weekend.  Which includes our 1st structural engineering intramural volleyball practice.  Yes, we have an intramural volleyball team, no I don’t know how to play volleyball, yes we have a nerdy name like “The Whitney Stress Block”, but we will still be awesome. First game Wednesday! Updates to come!


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