The Job Search, Update I

The job search is an interesting business, especially in the present.  Now that I’m looking for a “career” rather than an internship or high school employment that will get me some extra cash, I feel like taking a more defined approach.  It’s something that deserves more care and meaning–some extra effort and “oomph” to go into that resume or cover letter (I’m not a fan of cover letters by the way).

I could take the approach of sending out my resume to 100 different companies and see what happens.  Or I could select with care, which is what I’m presently doing, for now…hoping that people are hiring.  With 2 interviews scheduled for next week, I am still on the cheerfully optimistic side.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know I have a job by Christmas? I’m keeping with the glass half-full view.

I’ll keep you up on my initial numbers to date:




let’s hope this gets interesting



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