Grad School Lesson #3 – Care Packages Change

The typical undergrad receives care packages full of candy, maybe a roll of quarters, fuzzy slippers, grandma’s cookies…etc, etc.  Once you’re in grad school care packages change.  You’re no longer seen as a candy popping, fuzzy slipper wearing undergrad, you are a “professional”…sort of.

A professional in the sense that you’ve moved on from the undergraduate career and now you only believe in serious things, preferably serious things related to your field of study.

I got a care package from my parents last week.  These are the contents:


  • Student Loans forms…alot of them
  • Modern Steel Construction magazines from the last two months
  • Civil Engineering magazine
  • American Society of Civil Engineering monthly newsletter

This post is dredged with sarcasm, but thanks mom & dad.  As you know, I do actually read these magazines (although my department now provides me with a monthly issue of MSC).

but you can throw in some cookies and maybe some gummy bears next time as well…



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