Forever Plaid

For once, I’m completely behind on something.  Yes it’s kind of creepy that I took pictures of every person I saw wearing plaid within 30 minutes, but I’m just trying to soak up this “hipster” experience that I’ve never been around.  This past March I went to visit my friend Elizabeth in LA and learned, quite late, about this whole plaid/leggings/oversized sweater scene that I’ve never been privy to.  What do you expect? I went through the past 4 years at a school where people were focused on education and maybe the occasional foam sword fight.   Going to “normal” college means I’m suddenly in the majority of caring about my appearance, ironically the “appearance” is now to look like you don’t care about your appearance…when you really do care…and spend a lot of money while doing so, or not doing so.  Confused? so am I.


Plaid throughout the Ithaca Commons Apple Festival


I love Urban Outfitters just as much as the 30 undergraduate-plaid-wearing student I pass on my way to class do; however, I don’t know if I’ll be replacing my wardrobe with overpriced flannel anytime soon.  It’s just a social scene that is incredibly fun to observe from the sidelines.


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