“It Will Suck”

…quote about the Master’s project from our advisor during the structural group/faculty meeting today. Going through a project intensive engineering undergraduate program for the past 4 years means I am used to projects “sucking”; however, adversity does build character…or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

My group of 15 other structural peers met yesterday to go over what our year-long objectives were going to be, and we spent about 30 minutes discussing the scope and if we’d still have a life throughout the year. And for 30 minutes all I kept thinking to myself is that we’re going to ask our Professor’s this during the Friday meeting and they will respond with “suck it up.” There’s no mercy in the work world, no mercy in grad school, or undergrad really for that matter 

So suck it up we shall, this is what I signed up for—an intensive program that is looked to as a model of education by other universities and a producer of successful consultants by the engineering industry. As a nice gesture, this same faculty member mentioned towards the end of the meeting that we will continually have seminars throughout the year from some of the best firms to work for. This created a slight glimmer of hope.

To soak up as much “life” now as possible, Chenny, his friend Brian, and I grabbed some cameras and went photo hunting for the rest of the afternoon. Chenny and Brian are incredible photo geeks, and I barely remember all the camera technical terms from my high school photography class; however, I still was able to use Chenny’s manual camera. There’s additionally an apple festival in Ithaca for the rest of the weekend! I guess I might as well try to get in as much fun now before the project brutality takes over.


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