Career Fair Daze

I look forward to career fairs like I look forward to running–something I’m no hand shakingnot too particularly excited about, yet I know I need to go anyways.  And typically, in the end, I’m glad I went through with it.  What made this year even more awkward was the “swine flu rule” aka no shaking hands.  I would present my professional self, yet awkwardly clutch my portfolio while the company rep awkwardly clutched their business packets.  Thank goodnessProctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson reps. were there with hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer “swag” to give out to anyone interested in getting involved in the health care product industry.  Speaking of swag, I was disappointed.  I did my professional spiel with the few companies I needed to talk to and then I was ready to go on the prowl, mainly because my roommate wanted me to grab whatever Apple decided to bring to their table.  However, other than the typical water bottle and ball point pens, there wasn’t anything too interesting out there…for example, I came home with a rubber coaster. nuf said.
With companies still hiring and my resume finally back up to par (who knew one summer and a grad school change could alter it so much?!) I need to get back into the cycle of finding a career.  This was me at exactly the same time last year; however, I was a lot more carefree due to the grad school idea taking up most brain space.  I’m used to the intern approach at taking whatever you can get, yet a real-life-adult-career feels like it should be different.  But with the economy, is it any different?  I guess I’ll see throughout the next few months.

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