First Free Tee

Today marks the glorious day where I have been accepted into the “I have a free T-Shirt from my present college” society.  Yes, the society is full of pretty much every college student out there, but bear with me people. 

Cornell and the alma mater are different in many ways, but the factor I notice the most is that Cornell has a lot more hidden fees–gym membership, transportation, certain dinner events, etc–these all tend to have a fee associated with them.  Therefore, I was thrilled when I saw a “free t-shirt” sign put up by the Engineering Career Services.  I quickly set up my career net account, walked to the office to set up a time to get the resume critiqued, and was delighted to remember that this all deserved me a free Cornell t-shirt! :


Yes! it was an extra large, and yes! it’s fairly plain…but it was free and that’s all that really matters in the life of a poor grad student.

 I wrote a blog entry some time ago about the ridiculous amount of free t-shirts I’ve collected from WPI (shown below) within 4 years.  I don’t think I’ll be collecting this many from grad school, but one is certainly a start!



One thought on “First Free Tee

  1. Elizabeth DiRusso says:

    i only got 1 free t-shirt from emerson. when i walked across the stage and into the wings after collected my diploma i was awarded with my very first free tshirt

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